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Plymouth Photographers is a web-site dedicated to the promotion of west-country photography and this includes all genres; whether you are a landscape, wedding, portrait, promotions, pet or fine art photographer, this site will serve to promote you to a wider audience. The primary objective is to provide a unified portal that will directly provide links to your web-site and by doing so, increase your potential traffic and hopefully your business. If you don’t have your own web-site, a sub-domain can be created here to give yourself a web presence.

As this site develops it will provide something for all photographers regardless of status, whether seasoned professional looking to add an extra means of attracting potential customers, or those new to the craft looking to improve their skills by way of free friendly advice.

Photographic clubs can make possible new members aware of their existence by placing details of their whereabouts and meeting times on the club pages, where forthcoming events can also be publicised. You will find there is a blog on the community page where you may post items for all to read and hopefully stimulate some healthy debate on photography related topics.

What about the cost? During the initial period of one year from July 2010, there will be no charge for inclusion; in this time you will be able to assess whether this will work for you; if not there is no commitment. What can you lose? What might you gain?

If you wish to participate all I would ask is that you place a reciprocal outgoing link to this site, which will further promote its ranking to the benefit of all.

New content check out Photographic Tips and Retail Reviews sections.

Thank you.